How (Not) to Have an Arranged Marriage : A funny, heart-warming unputdownable novel about love and family


Author: Khan, Amir Published 11/04/2024 | Paperback / softback
197 x 129 x 28 | 324g

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He’s the perfect catch (according to his mother).

From Sunday Times bestselling author Dr Amir Khan, How (Not) To Have an Arranged Marriage is a timely, heartfelt novel which looks at all aspects of modern arranged marriages.

Yousef is the golden child to his strict Pakistani parents, overshadowing his younger sister, Rehana. As he finishes his medical degree in London, his life appears to be mapped out for him: become a doctor, marry a suitable girl of his parents’ choosing and, above all, make his family proud. Then Yousef meets Jess.

A fellow medical student, Jess presents a complication to the plan. Suddenly, Yousef finds himself torn between two worlds – keeping each a secret from the other.

Then, as graduation day looms, Yousef’s mother informs him that she’s started looking for his wife . . .

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