How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher Anniversary Edition : Embrace the everyday joy of birdwatching – to the greater glory of life


Author: Barnes, Simon Published 01/02/2024 | Hardback
132 x 205 x 21 | 264g

ISBN: 9781780726168 Category:

THE BESTSELLING BIRDWATCHING CLASSIC – 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION’A delightful ode to the wild world outside the kitchen window – leaves you with the warm feeling that a shared love conquers all.’ The Daily Telegraph’A witty, perceptive book; thoughtful, instructive and full of simple wisdom.’ The Daily MailLook out the window. See a bird. Enjoy it. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a bad birdwatcher.

Anyone who has ever gazed up at the sky or stared out of the window knows something about birds. In this fun, eye-opening and inspiring book, award-winning nature writer Simon Barnes paints a riveting picture of how birdwatching has framed his life and can help us all to a better understanding of our place on this planet. How to be a Bad Birdwatcher shows why birdwatching is not the preserve of twitchers, but one of the simplest, cheapest and most rewarding pastimes around.

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