How to be Famous : The laugh-out-loud Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller to read this summer


Author: Moran, Caitlin Published 11/07/2019 | Paperback / softback
197 x 126 x 21 | 232g

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The Sunday Times bestselling Richard & Judy Book Club favourite’Being Moran, the jokes and one-liners fizz and crackle off the page’ Richard’s Review’As usual, Moran writes fearlessly, openly, honestly and incredibly funnily about sex – especially bad sex’ Judy’s ReviewI’m Johanna Morrigan. It’s 1995. I’m nineteen and I live in the epicentre of Britpop. Parklife!My unrequited love, John Kite, is busy with a Number One album, world-tour, drugs, and a nervous breakdown.

So, I’ve started hanging out with hot young comedian Jerry Sharp. Big mistake.

‘He’s a vampire,’ my friend Suzanne warns. ‘One of those men who destroys bright young girls. Also, he’s a total dick.’Unfortunately, I’ve already had sex with him. Bad sex. And now, I’m one of the girls he is trying to destroy. I know I have to stop him. But how does one girl fight a famous, powerful man?A novel about friendship, feminism and finding your place in the world.

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