If I had a vampire bat


Author: Dawnay, Gabby Published 05/10/2023 | Paperback / softback
237 x 260 x 8 | 206g

ISBN: 9780500660225 Category:

A laugh-out-loud bedtime story in which a little girl imagines what it would be like to have a vampire bat for a pet.

I really want a spooky pet that flaps around and hangs.

A toothy type of swoopy pet with shiny pointed fangs…

Imagine if I had a… vampire bat! This charming addition to the popular If I had a… series is timed perfectly for Halloween, and features a sharp-toothed but adorable vampire bat as its main star. Taking inspiration from the Addams Family, it imagines what it would be like to live a nocturnal lifestyle and the funny scenarios one might encounter trick-or-treating or at the funfair with a vampire bat as your pal. Facts about vampire bats combine with seasonal spookiness and positive messages about dental hygiene in this brilliant book for bedtime.

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