Illustration, Narrative and The Suffragette : An Illustrative Enquiry


Author: Fauchon, Mireille (Royal College of Art, UK) Published 08/02/2024 | Hardback
157 x 233 x 19 | 570g

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Through an investigation of the Holloway prison writings of the suffragette Katie Gliddon, Mireille Fauchon explores illustration as a social research tool and creates within this book a model of practice-based enquiry.

Illustrative methods and expressive literary forms – collage, mixed media, print and ficto-critical writing are used to illuminate the characteristics of the subject matter. Drawing on archival study, anecdotal experience, practical research methods and narrative enquiry, this book brings together themes of feminism, materiality and social history.

Ideal for those studying illustration and qualitative research methods, Fauchon explores Gliddon’s life writing not only as a case study of an individual woman’s desires and aspiration for societal reform, she also creates a unique tool exemplifying how social research can become a work of narrative illustration in itself.

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