Kings and Queens: Alfred the Great to King Charles III and Everyone In-Between!


Author: Williams, Marcia, Williams, Marcia Published 03/08/2023 | Hardback
322 x 260 x 9 | 516g

ISBN: 9781529512755 Category:

Meet every king and queen in the history of Britain in this lively comic-strip guide from award-winning author-illustrator Marcia Williams.

From medieval monarchs to the newly crowned King Charles III, join award-winning author-illustrator Marcia Williams on an entertaining guide to every king and queen of Britain. Discover the kings who fought off the Vikings, the queen who spent the longest time on the throne, the king who died from eating too much fish, and many more. Featuring famous faces like Henry VIII and Elizabeth II, plus the lesser-known stories of the daring, the caring and the cruel who have worn the crown, this is an accessible and engaging introduction to the kings and queens of Britain, sure to inspire even reluctant readers.

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