Lancashire Hotch-Potch : A book of Cartoons on Lancashire Cricket


Author: Bond, Bob Published 01/09/2023 | Paperback / softback
206 x 256 x 12 | 548g

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Lancashire Hotch-Potch is a collection of Bob Bond’s drawings on cricket, particularly Lancashire cricket. It also includes some famous Test Match moments at Old Trafford and elsewhere. It’s not a book of statistics but cartoons including all the leading Lancashire players and all the Cup Finals. It will help you relive those moments and memorable matches. Nearly all of the events depicted are from before the Millennium, and this dip into Lancashire’s colourful history will undoubtedly jog a few memories. Hear what David Lloyd says about the book: ‘I’ve never been a big reader of books, let alone cricket books… and I have hundreds! I collect ’em but don’t read ’em. But I do like picture books. As a lad I used to read comics… Topper, Beazer, Dandy, Beano … I liked to chuckle at the characters. Bob’s book caught my attention. I’m a lifelong Lancs lad… played a bit, coached a bit, talked a bit. The characters he portrays are exactly as I saw them…. True Lancastrians, and all with different characters and characteristics. Back to my comics. Bob’s book made me chuckle. Memories, poignancy, nostalgia and fun”. Enjoy this dip into Lancashire’s colourful history. What more do you want! Dig in! Over 200 cartoons including full page storyboards of One day finals and important matches.

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