Missing Marie


Author: Harries, Jo Published 28/12/2023 | Paperback / softback
203 x 127 | 336g

ISBN: 9781803816982 Category:

Marie goes to Merebank  railway station, buys a one way ticket, steps onto the train and…. unaware of Marie’s departure, her friend Bryony is engrossed in elaborate plans for a secret wedding and the start of a new life away from Merebank Bay. It is her last chance of finding happiness, she knows that even if things don’t work out; there can be no coming back again this time. Sharon and Tom are fulfilling their dream of living in Merebank Bay, but the idyllic happy ending is being  threatened by Sharon’s belief that Tom is having an affair. He seems to be obsessed with making money, but Sharon would be happier with less money and more Tom. Discovering he is withholding information which may help in the search for Marie, confirms her suspicion he has  something to hide. Tom is hiding a secret, but it is not his to tell. The first visitors to the resort are already arriving, and the residents are deep into plans for the carnival weekend, the event which draws people from miles around. Meanwhile, Stuart Fowler is enjoying a two week holiday birdwatching in Portugal, a birthday gift from his wife Marie…. who goes to the station, buys a one way ticket and….disappears. No-one knows where to begin the search, and fear for her safety is growing. It intensifies when police discover a link between Marie and a serious, violent crime.

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