Moonlight Riders: Sea Foal : Book 4


Author: Chapman, Linda Published 02/02/2023 | Paperback / softback
128 x 197 x 13 | 136g

ISBN: 9781408366837 Category:

Harness the power of the elements with the Moonlight Riders! A stand-out series for young readers from bestselling author Linda Chapman, author of MY SECRET UNICORN and UNICORN ACADEMY.

Could you be a True Rider?The Moonlight Stables friends are spending the summer at pony camp. Rides along the beach, swimming in the sea, it’s the best summer ever! It’s just a shame that Zara and the Night Riders are also at camp. But when Amara and her friends find an injured foal on the beach, their summer gets much more exciting. This foal is not like other ponies, she’s magic! It’s up to the friends to conceal her magical secret from the rest of pony camp and the evil Night Riders. But can they find the lost sea foal a home of her own?Don’t miss the other Moonlight Riders stories!Fire HorseStorm StallionPetal PonySnow MareSand Filly

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