My Bum is SO Noisy! Sound Book


Author: McMillan, Dawn, Kinnaird, Ross Published 03/03/2022 | Hardback
186 x 195 x 25 | 450g

ISBN: 9780702313974 Category:

The bestselling picture book from the brilliant duo behind

the phenomenal I Need A New Bum! is now a HILARIOUS

sound book!

What would you do if your bum was SO NOISY?

Would you try to hide the noise, or would you

be proud of your parps?

For this little boy, a noisy bum is just the start of an ENORMOUS

adventure. And there’s only one question for

you to answer before you read ALL about it: are you ready

to have some FUN?

The third book in the bestselling New Bum series is

now a laugh-out-loud sound book!

With a brilliantly funny story, eye-catching illustrations and

a hilarious ‘parp’ sound effect that children will love!

This super-silly sound book is the perfect gift for anyone who

loves to laugh!


I Need a New Bum (picture paperback, board book)

I’ve Broken My Bum! (picture paperback)

My Bum Is So Noisy (picture paperback)

My Bum Is So Cheeky! (picture paperback)


‘I can assure you right now that your kids will love this

book. They will giggle, they will laugh, and they will want this

book to be read over and over again because it is just plain silly

and funny … the perfect kid-combo.’ Storywraps

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