My Husband


Author: Ventura, Maud Published 02/05/2024 | Paperback / softback
197 x 129 x 15 | 194g

ISBN: 9781804946220 Category:

INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERLONGLISTED FOR THE 2024 DAGGER FOR CRIME FICTION IN TRANSLATIONPRIZE WINNER OF FRANCE’S FIRST NOVEL AWARD’Riveting’ OBSERVER’Totally addictive’ ALICE SLATER’I couldn’t put it down’ JOHN BOYNEFrom the outside, she has an enviable life: a successful career, stunning looks, a beautiful house in the suburbs, two healthy children, and most importantly, an ideal husband. After fifteen years together, she is still besotted with him. But she’s never quite sure that her passion is reciprocated.

Determined to keep their relationship perfect, she meticulously prepares for every encounter they have, always taking care to make her actions seem effortless. She watches him attentively, charting every mistake and punishing him accordingly to help him improve. And she tests him – setting traps to make sure that he still loves her just as much as he did when they first met.

Until one day she realizes she may have gone too far . . .

With the surprise of Gone Girl, the bleakness of The Talented Mr Ripley and the sinister charm of the Netflix thriller You, My Husband is a bold and exhilarating story of passion and the dark secrets that lie beneath a seemingly healthy marriage.

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