Nadiya’s Simple Spices : A guide to the eight kitchen must haves recommended by the nation’s favourite cook


Author: Hussain, Nadiya Published 14/09/2023 | Hardback
252 x 196 x 23 | 956g

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Nadiya Hussain’s latest cookbook unlocks a world of joyful flavour in your kitchen using only 8 simple spices.

‘Nadiya dishes up easy but delicious meals. All the recipes use the same eight spices, making cooking highly flavoured dishes a doddle. Its also easier on the pocket during the cost of living crisis’ DAILY EXPRESSWhen it comes to spice Nadiya’s family cooking is never complicated and always delicious. Now Nadiya wants to share with you how to use the 8 readily available spices she uses at home daily to cook her most-loved meals. The same spices that her Mum uses and her Nani used before her!Cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, chilli, bay leaves and curry powder are all you need to create any recipe in this book.

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Peshwari NaansBack-of-the-fridge PakorasYoghurt ChickenDaalCrispy Leek BiryaniNo-need-to-wait ChutneyBadam CheesecakeIced Caramel Bay TeaFrom beautiful breakfasts, midday lunches and staple recipes you won’t live without again, to tips for the perfect saucepan of rice, your favourite middle of the table curries, vegetables, side dishes and sweets, you’ll be confident in cooking extraordinary family food, filled to the brim with easy-to-achieve flavour.

‘Another fabulous offering from this prolific and inventive chef’ Prima

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