Name Your Numbers


Author: Halls, Smriti, Underwood, Edward Published 05/01/2023 | Board book
304 x 197 x 18 | 242g

ISBN: 9781406387827 Category:

A bright, cheerful and stylish board book introducing the numbers one to ten along with lots of different animals – but watch out for the pop out of the crocodile at the end!Let’s count your tails, Bunny Hun! Bouncy-bounce! I’ve got ONE!From elephant’s two tusks to bee’s three stripes, from lion’s four paws to koala’s five claws, each animal has a special number for you to count. But can you count Crocodile Claire’s teeth? Do you dare? They’re very sharp so you’d better beware! With rounded corners and sturdy pages perfect for little hands, this rhythmic, rhyming text combined with gorgeous simple artwork will have little ones laughing with joy while learning their numbers one to ten.

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