New How to Revise for GCSE: Study Skills & Planner – from CGP, the Revision Experts (inc new Videos)


Author: CGP Books, CGP Books Published 01/03/2019 | Paperback / softback
241 x 189 x 5 | 168g

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Stop exam stress in its tracks with CGP’s splendiferous* How to Revise book. It’s the ultimate guide to GCSE revision from THE exam experts.

There’s a huge range of advice covering everything students need to ace their exams, from effective study tips and techniques for specific subjects, to what to expect on exam day and looking after themselves during their GCSEs. We’ve even thrown in loads of helpful online resources, including videos explaining key revision techniques, downloadable planners, and editable timetables to make sure students are 100% prepared.

A free Online Edition is also included, just in case your book runs out of battery – you’ll have access via ‘Your Online Products’ on the CGP website from the moment you place your order. When the book arrives, just use the unique code printed inside the cover to gain full access.

*It’s a word, we checked.

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