Oh No! Shark in the Snow!


Author: Sharratt, Nick, Sharratt, Nick Published 21/10/2021 | Paperback / softback
210 x 291 x 6 | 190g

ISBN: 9780241519110 Category:

A FIN-TASTIC festive story in this bestselling series!Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope looks again through his telescope. As snowflakes fall without a sound, he looks left, he looks right, he looks all around. Wait, is that a SHARK?Turn the page to find out, if you dare . . .

With its funny rhyming text, die-cut holes to peep through, this j-awesome adventure is the perfect way to say Snappy Christmas!Discover other books in this bestselling series:SHARK IN THE PARKSHARK IN THE DARKSHARK IN THE PARK ON A WINDY DAY

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