Ollie’s Back-to-School Bear : Perfect for little ones starting preschool!


Author: Killen, Nicola Published 04/08/2022 | Paperback / softback
250 x 249 x 12 | 166g

ISBN: 9781398500044 Category:

With a reassuring and engaging message, Ollie’s Back-to-School Bear is perfect for helping children prepare for their first day at Preschol or Big School! On the night before school starts, Ollie is feeling nervous. Finally asleep, she’s suddenly woken by an owl outside her window. Following it into the woods, she sees lots of other animals there too! But where can they all be going? Join Ollie on an adventure she’ll never forget.

With striking illustrations, cut-outs and foil throughout, this is the next book in the bestselling Ollie series by Nicola Killen.

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