One Pot, One Portion : Simple, speedy recipes just for you


Author: Wilkinson, Eleanor Published 11/07/2024 | Hardback
250 x 195 x 20 | 890g

ISBN: 9781529921977 Category:

‘A genius approach to bringing joy to every meal, Eleanor gets that good food is the best form of self-love.’ Emily English aka @EmthenutritionistThe cookbook for people who eat, cook or live alone, but are tired of washing up.

Cooking for yourself should be an act of celebration, but can sometimes feel like more effort than it’s worth. One Pot One Portion takes the stress out of solo cooking – no more dividing a recipe by four, or surviving on leftovers for three days. This is easy, effortless food that won’t leave you with a sinkful of dirty dishes.

With one-pot one-portion versions of classics like Lasagne, Beef Wellington and Apple Crumble, as well as fresh, flavourful dishes like Ginger Chicken Rice Bowl and Peanut Noodle Salad this is food tailored to suit your every mood. And with recipes paired to help you make use of leftover ingredients, this is truly low-waste, low-effort cooking.

Whether you live alone, or just find yourself cooking for one, this is easy, effortless food that will have you eating well whatever your mood.

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