Our Queen


Author: Hardman, Robert Published 10/05/2012 | Paperback / softback
198 x 126 x 26 | 296g

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The bestselling and acclaimed biography of Queen Elizabeth II. With new material exclusive to the paperback edition, Our Queen examines the remarkable reign of Britain’s most devoted monarch.

History knew no monarch like her.

She travelled farther than all her predecessors put together, and lived and reigned longer than any of them. She met with more historic figures than anyone who preceded her – from Churchill to Mandela, de Gaulle to Obama.

Here, the distinguished royal writer Robert Hardman has been granted rare and privileged access to the world of Queen Elizabeth II to produce this enthralling portrait of one of history’s most popular figures.

‘So much has changed around the Queen yet she has remained utterly true to herself,’ says Hardman. ‘There is this timeless quality about her. The more you talk to Her Majesty’s family and to her people, the more you look at her life, the more impressive the scale of her achievement becomes.’Here is the inside story.

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