Palazzo : Escape to Italy with a powerful story of love, family and legacy


Author: Steel, Danielle Published 28/03/2024 | Paperback / softback
198 x 130 x 20 | 242g

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Palazzo is a spellbinding story of love, family and legacy set in the cut-throat world of Italian fashion, from billion-copy bestselling author Danielle Steel.

After her parents perish in a tragic accident, Cosima Saverio must assume leadership of her family’s haute couture Italian leather brand. While navigating the challenges of running a company at just twenty-three, Cosima must also maintain the elegant four-hundred-year-old family palazzo in Venice and care for her younger siblings: Allegra, who survived the tragedy that killed their parents, and Luca, who has a penchant for wild parties, pretty women and poker tables.

Cosima handles her responsibilities with a wisdom beyond her years, but success has come at a cost. Her needs are always secondary, and her free time is given to those who rely on her . . . until she meets Olivier Bayard, the founder of France’s most successful ready-to-wear handbag company.

But as Luca’s gambling spirals out of control, Cosima is forced to make an impossible choice to save him. The palazzo, the family business, or cut Luca loose?Or is there another way to rescue everything she has fought for – before it goes up in flames?

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