Paper Money


Author: Follett, Ken Published 30/05/2019 | Paperback / softback
196 x 132 x 20 | 230g

ISBN: 9781509860029 Category:

Paper Money is a gripping novel of high-finance and underworld villainy from the masterful Ken Follett. Will reporters uncover the web of criminality at the heart of two seemingly unconnected crimes?Several Daring CrimesLondon. A politician wakes with a beautiful girl; a criminal briefs his team; a tycoon breakfasts with a Bank official. Then three stories break: an attempted suicide, a hijack and a take-over bid.

One Shocking ConspiracyThey seem unrelated – until Evening Post reporters ask questions. Why is a Jamaican bank in trouble? Who drove the Rolls-Royce seen near the crime scene? Who was the man with gunshot wounds? Over the course of a single day, fortunes will be destroyed, reputations shattered and principles shredded.

A Dangerous TruthIt is only when a blackmailed politician decides to take matters into his own hands and to set a pair of fearless reporters on the trail that a criminal web at the heart of the conspiracy is uncovered. Will the truth be too dangerous to print on this unforgettable day in the capital?

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