Past Caring


Author: Goddard, Robert Published 30/09/2010 | Paperback / softback
198 x 129 x 35 | 430g

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DISCOVER ONE OF THE MOST GRIPPING THRILLERS OF ALL TIME, FROM MASTER STORYTELLER ROBERT GODDARD. Out of the blue, unemployed, down-on-his-luck historian Martin Radford is given a second chance. Martin is shown the leather-bound journal of another ruined man, former British cabinet minister Edwin Strafford. Martin is offered a job – to investigate the rise and fall of Strafford, an ambitious young politician whose downfall, in 1910, is as mysterious as the strange deaths that still haunt his family.

Martin is intrigued. Strafford resigned at the height of his career, disappearing from the public eye. The woman he loved, for whom he was willing to sacrifice everything, suddenly and coldly rejected him. All the reasons for his fall from grace are shrouded in darkness.

Radford’s investigations trigger a violent series of events, which throw him straight into the path of those who believed they had escaped punishment for crimes long past but never paid for…

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