Populus : Living and Dying in the Wealth, Smoke and Din of Ancient Rome


Author: Bedoyere, Guy de la Published 04/04/2024 | Hardback
166 x 241 x 41 | 792g

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A Time Travellers Guide to Ancient Rome – by one of the best historians of the ancient worldLiving in ancient Rome was superbly and vividly recorded by Rome’s historians, philosophers, and poets who were acutely aware of the seething and voluptuous nature of a city that ruled the known world. Through the words of Tacitus, Seneca, Martial, and a host of others including ordinary Romans, Guy de la Bédoyère takes the reader into a world of violent politics, civil disorder, unspeakably brutal entertainments, extravagance, decadence, eroticism, exotica, and staggering inequality, participated in daily by the Roman people from the hyper-rich elite to the lowliest slaves. Populus places those who experienced Rome in person at the forefront of their story, from the rabble-rousing senator Clodius Pulcher to Pliny the Elder and Hortensia who defended the rights of women in court to the ex-slave and celebrity baker Eurysaces.

‘A superb combination of wit, first-rate research and panache. Highly recommended!’ TONY ROBINSON

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