Portuguese Phrase Book


Author: DK Published 30/01/2003 |
141 x 99 x 7 | 82g

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From DK’s Eyewitness Travel Guide series comes a handy phrase book compiled by experts that is essential for any traveller on the go.

Whether you’re asking for directions, ordering a meal, or shopping for souvenirs, the illustrated Eyewitness Portuguese Phrase Book is the ideal pocket-sized travel companion for you. Designed to help beginners understand the language and perfect their pronunciation, it is compact and easy-to-use.

From conversational basics to more complex vocabulary for transportation, food, shopping, sports, and health care, this guide has got you covered.

Inside the pages are ‘things you’ll see’ and ‘things you’ll hear’ boxes for each theme, giving you detailed tips so you’re never stuck looking for the right expression. Supported by a 2,000-line mini-dictionary, this book also features the Brazilian Portuguese equivalents of words, phrases, and sentences for comprehensive learning.

For those with a taste for Portuguese dishes, an extensive guide covering the cuisine and methods of cooking the dishes has been provided too!The Eyewitness Portuguese Phrase Book is a fun and quick way to learn Portuguese.

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