Rainbow Magic: Charles the Coronation Fairy


Author: Meadows, Daisy Published 13/04/2023 | Paperback / softback
128 x 197 x 9 | 74g

ISBN: 9781408371459 Category:

Join Rachel, Kirsty, Gracie and Khadijah as they meet the second ever boy fairy – Charles the Coronation Fairy!Charles the Coronation Fairy helps all coronation ceremonies go smoothly with the help of his shiny, golden orb. He has a special role in the upcoming coronation of Prince Arthur and Princess Grace, but when Jack Frost finds out about Charles’s magical object, not only does he steal the orb, but kidnaps Charles as well! Rachel, Kirsty, Gracie and Khadijah must find Charles before Jack Frost works out how to use the magical orb to crown himself Emperor of Fairyland! These stories are magic; they turn children into readers!’ ReadingZone.comIf you like Rainbow Magic, check out Daisy Meadows other series: Magic Animal Friends and Unicorn Magic!

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