Rebellion (Eagles of Empire 22)


Author: Scarrow, Simon Published 28/03/2024 | Paperback / softback
196 x 128 x 24 | 288g

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An epic military adventure novel pits Roman army heroes Macro and Cato against Boudica: the terrifying Queen of the Britons. From bestselling Simon Scarrow, author of Death to the Emperor and The Honour of Rome1st-century Britannia is the setting for an epic and action-packed novel of tribal uprisings, battles to the death and unmatched courage in the Roman army ranks. The 22nd Eagles of the Empire novel. Two heroes of the Roman army – Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro, now battle-scarred veterans, tough and resilient – lead their best men into the midst of an enemy both fearless and resourceful. Far from Rome in cold, rainy, unwelcoming Britannia, the soldiers need all their training to stand strong and undaunted as constant attacks challenge morale. And a leader like no other sends fear through the ranks: Boudica.

A stunning and unforgettable story of warfare, courage and sacrifice as brave men face an enemy who will fight to the death to free her people from the rule of the Empire!(P) 2023 Headline Publishing Group Ltd

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