Resurrection : The powerful new story of hope in dark times


Author: Steel, Danielle Published 04/07/2024 | Hardback
242 x 161 x 30 | 522g

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Resurrection is a powerful story of family, survival and hope, from billion-copy bestselling author Danielle Steel.

Darcy Gray leads a charmed life. A wildly successful blogger and influencer, she has spent twenty happy years with her husband, Charlie Gray, the equally high-powered head of a fashion retail empire. Together with their twin daughters, who are both studying abroad for college, they form one of New York’s most successful families.

But, when a shocking betrayal leaves Darcy reeling, she flees to Paris, devastated and nursing a broken heart. As she struggles to rebuild her sense of self, rumours of a dangerous virus begin to circulate, forcing Darcy to take refuge at the home of eccentric retired actress Sybille Carton, along with a fellow lodger, the handsome and enigmatic Bill Thompson.

As the world enters a terrifying period of global lockdown, the Gray family are torn apart, scattered across two continents and three different countries. They must find ways to cope in the toughest of circumstances, letting go of old dreams and working towards new, unexpected futures.

In times of terrible crisis, hope and resilience are what carry us through . . .

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