RHS Pruning Plant by Plant : How to Prune more than 200 Popular Plants


Author: DK Published 01/08/2012 | Paperback / softback
115 x 137 x 29 | 422g

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A plant by plant pruning guide for perfect results With detailed advice on how to prune 180 trees, shrubs, and climbers plus 20 popular fruit crops, RHS Pruning Plant by Plant is the only pruning guide in this handy size to tell and show you exactly what you need to do plant by plant.

The A-Z organisation helps you find the plant you’re looking for fast, while step-by-step instructions and diagrams make pruning fruit trees, shrubs, and climbing plants a simple and achievable process.

RHS Pruning Plant by Plant is essential pruning advice for novices and experienced gardeners alike and its handy, compact format make it ideal for putting in your pocket when you’re heading to your garden or allotment.

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