Schott’s Original Miscellany


Author: Schott, Ben Published 04/11/2002 | Hardback
195 x 129 x 18 | 210g

ISBN: 9780747563204 Category:

‘Schott’s Miscellany’ makes few claims to be exhaustive or even practical. It does, however, claim to be essential. It will afford you great wisdom in the morning, several conversational bons mots for the afternoon, and many an enlightened smile after dark. Where else can you find, packed on to one page, the thirteen principles of witchcraft, the structure of military hierarchy, all of the clothing care symbols, a list of the countries where you drive on the left, and a nursery rhyme about sneezing? Where else, but ‘Schott’s Miscellany’, will you stumble across John Lennon’s cat, the supplier of bagpipes to the Queen, and the brutal methods of murder encountered by Miss Marple? An encyclopaedia? A dictionary? An almanac? An anthology? A treasury? An amphigouri? A commonplace? A vade-mecum? Well – yes. ‘Schott’s Original Miscellany’ is all these, and, of course, more. A book like no other, ‘Schott’s Original Miscellany’ is entertaining, informative, unpredictable and utterly addictive.

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