Senor Vivo & The Coca Lord


Author: de Bernieres, Louis Published 06/08/1992 | Paperback / softback
197 x 129 x 19 | 218g

ISBN: 9780749399627 Category:

‘Sharp, funny, engaging’ Financial Times

Discover the second gripping novel in Louis de Bernières’ satricial tragic, hilarious South American trilogy.

Dionisio Vivo, a South American lecturer in philosophy, is puzzled by the bodies that keep turning up outside his front door.

To his friend, Ramon, one of the few honest policemen in town, the message is all too clear: Dionisio’s letters to the press, exposing the drug barons, must stop; and although Dionisio manages to escape the hit-men sent to get him, he soon realises that others are more vulnerable, and his love for them leads him to take a colossal revenge.

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