Tabby McTat


Author: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel Published 07/07/2016 | Paperback / softback
278 x 226 x 3 | 188g

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The heart-warming picture book from the number one bestselling

author and illustrator of The Gruffalo, Stick Man

and Zog.

‘Me, you and the old guitar.

How perfectly, perfectly happy we are.

MEEE-EW and the old guitar.

How PURRRR-fectly happy we are!’

Tabby McTat is purr-fectly happy, singing along all day with Fred

the busker. But when Fred gives chase to a thief, the two are

separated. Will they ever find each other again?

‘Tabby McTat is such a beautiful story about

embracing change and the transitions in life as well – from childhood

to adulthood and people going on journeys. There is so much

warmth and celebration of family and community’ Jodie Whittaker

Hardcover format comes with a protective dust jacket to make

this a special gift for a lifetime

A heartwarming and charming story from the UK’s number one picture

book author and illustrator

Perfect read-aloud rhyming text and stunning pictures on every

page with lots of details to spot

Friendship and loyalty are at the heart of this story

Perfect for cat lovers!

From the creators of The Gruffalo, Stick Man and Zog,

which have all been made into animated films

The animated film of Tabby McTat is on BBC One at Christmas

with voice artists including Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who)

as the narrator, Rob Brydon (Gavin and Stacey) as Fred, Sope Dirisu

(Gangs of London) as Tabby McTat, alongside Cariad Lloyd, Joanna

Scanlan and Susan Wokoma.

Look out for Jonty Gentoo by Julia

Donaldson and Axel Scheffler in 2024.


‘Absolutely purr-fect’ The Times

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