Target and Destroy : Former MI5 Officer Tom Marcus Returns With a Pulse-Pounding Espionage Thriller


Author: Marcus, Tom Published 23/11/2023 | Paperback / softback
130 x 198 x 28 | 300g

ISBN: 9781529065459 Category:

In order to enforce justice, you sometimes have to break the law. Former MI5 officer Tom Marcus returns with Target and Destroy, a blistering spy thriller which is a sequel to Capture or Kill and Defend or Die.

It takes a certain type of person to tackle the dark realities of gangland London. Someone that operates in the shadows and doesn’t follow the rule of law. That’s where former MI5 officer Matt Logan comes in . . .

Logan is an undercover operative for Blindeye: a clandestine team of ex-intelligence operatives secretly tasked with the jobs that are beyond the legal remit of the official security services. When the group picks up on a trail of corruption which reaches to the top of the UK’s National Crime Agency, their mission begins. DCI John Tenniel is a ruthless individual unafraid to break the rules in order to elevate himself to more power and bodies have been piling up in his mission to the top.

Going after Tenniel will require Logan and the team to delve beneath the surface of society and into a murky underworld where the lines between gangsters and the police have become increasingly blurred. But Blindeye have acquired their target and now it’s time to strike . . .

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