The Ballroom Blitz : The escapist and romantic novel from the nation’s favourite entertainer


Author: Du Beke, Anton Published 20/07/2023 | Paperback / softback
128 x 198 x 35 | 338g

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The stunning new Buckingham novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anton Du Beke.

September 1940. As the skies split apart and bombs rain down on London, it’s all the staff at the famed Buckingham Hotel can do to keep their guests in the luxury they’re accustomed to, and evoke the magic of the Grand ballroom for them each night. Home on leave and still reeling from the tragic events at Dunkirk, the dashing Raymond de Guise struggles to define his role in this new world, and to do his duty both to his country, and his beloved wife Nancy- who needs him now more than ever. With profiteers skulking the London streets, and devious rivals plotting the Buckingham’s downfall, the hotel staff must all hold onto what matters most- and decide where their loyalties truly lie. As the bombing intensifies and Christmas fast approaches, somehow the show must go on…

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