The Bones of Grace


Author: Anam, Tahmima Published 02/02/2017 | Paperback / softback
133 x 197 x 27 | 314g

ISBN: 9781847679789 Category:

Zubaida is on a journey to unearth the past. It will lead her from the corridors of Harvard to the scorching deserts of Pakistan, and the bones of an ancient whale. It will carry her back to Bangladesh, and the dark horrors of a ship-breaking yard. Here – deep inside a beached ocean liner, steeped in mystery and tragedy – lies the key to her story. And a lifeline to the man she loves, but whose heart she may never win back.

Echoing with loneliness and longing, The Bones of Grace is a story of lost love and conflicted identity; of the urgent need to discover who we are, before we can truly belong anywhere and truly love anyone.

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