The Christmas Sprout : With a Christmas kindness advent calendar


Author: Dungworth, Richard Published 12/10/2023 | Paperback / softback
245 x 245 x 7 | 162g

ISBN: 9781526384126 Category:

Join Stephen the Christmas Sprout on his mission to spread the gift of kindness in this shiny, festive picture book with a funny rhyming text that will have children coming back for more. Say hello to a small green chap called Stephen Sprout! Stephen is no ordinary sprout, but a Christmas sprout who is on a quest to spread the gift of kindness and he needs your help! All of Stephen’s friends are having wobbles and squabbles, so it’s up to this sort-it-out sprout to save the day just in time for Christmas . . .

Get stuck in by doing 24 acts of kindness with the help of Stephen’s Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar, to bring some Christmas cheer into the world.

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