The Constant Rabbit : The Sunday Times bestseller


Author: Fforde, Jasper Published 22/07/2021 | Paperback / softback
130 x 197 x 28 | 226g

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THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR. THE MOST ORIGINAL BOOK OF 2021’Sheer inventiveness, wit, complexity, erudition, unexpectedness and originality’ The Times***The village of Much Hemlock has always been a right-wing stronghold. British. Solid. Traditional. Then they move in. They’re different from everyone else: they have a weird religion, an aggressive vegan agenda, and too many children. They may seem quiet and peace-loving, but who knows where it could lead?They are a family of human-sized rabbits, the result of an inexplicable anthropomorphising event half a century before. With a mass rehoming to Wales for 1.2 million rabbits looming, long-term resident Peter Knox is drawn from his customary spot on the fence and must choose his corner: a cosy job-for-life at the Rabbit Compliant Taskforce, or stand with the rabbits – and weather the full brunt of human savagery.

It’ll take a rabbit to teach a human humanity . . .

PRAISE FOR JASPER FFORDE’The Constant Rabbit is Jasper Fforde’s most chilling and realistic book yet’ Guardian ‘You won’t read anything quite like this in 2020 – or beyond that too’ CultureFly ‘Is there anyone who can write satire quite like Fforde?. . . An astonishingly well-crafted work of social and political satire.’ Kirkus ‘Fforde presents a milquetoast cog in an absurdly bureaucratic wheel, this time cleverly skewering Brexit, conservative politics, and white supremacy in this surprisingly uplifting tale of one man doing his best, even if it is the bare minimum.’ Booklist ‘The Constant Rabbit is designed to shake readers out of that complacency: to recognise that merely holding liberal values is not enough to prevent the quickening advance of racism and xenophobia in this country. One must act.’ Financial Times ‘A serious minded comedy’ Mail on Sunday READERS LOVE THE CONSTANT RABBIT’This is Jasper Fforde at his absolute best. Clever, thought-provoking and relevant, whilst maintaining the absurdity that we have come to love Fforde for’ 5*’A real classic – the sort of book that will be read in fifty or a hundred years’ time’ 5*'[Jasper Fforde’s] ability to take something relatively normal and turn it on it’s head is sublime, ridiculous and so enjoyable! Quirky, funny, satirical tale with pertinent reflections on current times.’ 5*’This book couldn’t have come at a better time. Frighteningly poignant given the state of world. It’s a truly wonderful piece of work

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