The Druid in the Greenhouse


Author: Lamb, Des Published 12/12/2023 | Paperback / softback
134 x 197 x 26 | 340g

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Flow through this book on an amazing journey from the beginnings of a small boy using his imagination to awaken the energy of magical awareness, as he experiences night-time encounters with beings from another worldly realm.

He becomes a spiritual seeker, entering on a path of discovery with inner and outer encounters, near death experiences with the summoning of powerful otherworldly forces.

Travelling to faraway lands, he comes face to face with his past, and has encounters with poltergeist and active spirits. He experiences a massive kundalini awakening resulting in periods of insanity, struggling to cope with everyday life.

He accepts a realisation that he has become a prophetic seer, as he is taken on visits to the higher realms of divine existence.

Within and without the spiritual journey is a lonesome path for the seeker of truth. On crossing an ocean of chaos, along with supernatural encounters he endeavours to sharpens his skills.

As the waters eased his path became clearer, he becomes a Druid, a shamanic practitioner, a bee whisperer with knowledge of tree and dragon lore.

On passing esoteric tests, committing to an oath, he accepts a position to become a universal clearer of darker forces.

A journey that transcends upon a beautiful lotus lake in the pursuit of peace and oneness.

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