The Duchess of Malfi


Author: Webster, John, Britland, Professor Karen (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) Published 01/10/2020 | Paperback / softback
129 x 196 x 17 | 182g

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This new edition of Webster’s macabre masterpiece is accompanied by insightful commentary notes and a detailed introductory analysis of the play written by Karen Britland, making this the perfect edition for students.

As well as the complete text of the play, this revised New Mermaid edition includes: ·

A detailed plot summary and annotations throughout the text·

An annotated bibliography and suggestions for further reading·

A comprehensive introduction exploring the historical and literary contexts·

An analysis of the play in performance including recent productions inspired by the #MeToo movement as well as contemporary adaptations such as Allan Palileo’s Ang Dukesa ng Malfi (set in the Philippines) and Debo Oluwatuminu’s Iyalode of Eti (set in pre-colonial Yorubaland).

Webster’s heroine stands out as one of the most compelling female characters on the early modern stage and, along with its exploration of familial bonds, ensures the play is as relevant today as when it was written.

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