The Eye Of The World : Book 1 of the Wheel of Time (Now a major TV series)


Author: Jordan, Robert Published 18/11/2021 | Paperback / softback
129 x 196 x 59 | 550g

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NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES ON PRIME VIDEOThe first book in the No. 1 international bestselling Wheel of Time saga that inspired the TV series.

When she arrives in a small village in the Two Rivers, Moiraine discovers three young men, each of whom might be the long-awaited and reviled Chosen One, the Dragon Reborn. But she is not the only stranger new to the village, nor the only one searching. In a race against time and the agents of the Shadow, she must guide her charges through lands of myth and legend, toward allies both new and old, and into the footsteps of prophecy.

The Wheel of Time turns, and an epic adventure begins.

‘EPIC IN EVERY SENSE’ Sunday Times’WITH THE WHEEL OF TIME, JORDAN HAS COME TO DOMINATE THE WORLD THAT TOLKIEN BEGAN TO REVEAL’ New York Times'[THE] AMBITIOUS WHEEL OF TIME SERIES HELPED REDEFINE THE GENRE’ George R. R. Martin’A FANTASY PHENOMENON’ SFXThe Wheel of Time series:Book 1: The Eye of the WorldBook 2: The Great HuntBook 3: The Dragon RebornBook 4: The Shadow RisingBook 5: The Fires of HeavenBook 6: Lord of ChaosBook 7: A Crown of SwordsBook 8: The Path of DaggersBook 9: Winter’s HeartBook 10: Crossroads of TwilightBook 11: Knife of DreamsBook 12: The Gathering StormBook 13: Towers of MidnightBook 14: A Memory of LightPrequel: New SpringLook out for the companion book: The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time

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