The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me


Author: Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin Published 21/07/2022 | Paperback / softback
128 x 197 x 11 | 112g

ISBN: 9780241558508 Category:

‘The Pelican spread his huge white wings and flew down on to the road beside me. ‘Hop in,’ he said, opening his enormous beak . . .’MEET BILLY. A kid with a dream. He wants to turn an old wooden house into an incredible sweetshop full of treats!AND MEET THE LADDERLESS WINDOW-CLEANING COMPANY: Monkey, Pelican (Pelly) and Giraffe (who needs ladders when you’ve got a giraffe?!).

They have just landed a big break cleaning all six hundred and seventy-seven windows of the mansion owned by the richest man in all of England! All they need now is a little help from Billy.

Can these unlikely new friends make Billy’s wildest dreams come true and take him on an adventure he’ll never forget . . .?The text in this edition of The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me was updated in 2022 for young independent readers.

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