The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator


Author: Woods, Matilda Published 01/11/2018 | Paperback / softback
206 x 143 | 240g

ISBN: 9781407184906 Category:

An enchanting, charming story of bravery on the ice-tipped ocean,

with stunning art by Anuska Allepuz on every page.

Curious, pin-bright Oona Britt dreams of setting sail with her ship’s

captain father for a life of excitement on the wild waves. She

has read stories of a magical creature – the Nardoo – who swims

through the stars at night, and stows away on whaling boat the

Plucky Leopard for an adventure full of myths and marvel among the


Bestselling author Kiran Millwood Hargrave on Matilda’s first

book, The Boy, the Bird and the Coffin Maker: ‘This luminous tale

of loss, love and finding family is threaded through with the power

of storytelling, and a touch of magic.’

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