The Girl Who Dreamed in Magic


Author: Kuzniar, Maria Published 07/03/2024 | Paperback / softback
200 x 128 x 20 | 246g

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From the acclaimed writer of Ship of Shadows comes a brand-new fantasy following the magical journey of one girl and her bear. In a land of ice and stars, where constant troll invasions threaten to shake the moon from the sky, lives a girl with a magical destiny. A girl braver than a Viking, who will one day hold the fate of the North in her hands. That girl is Saga Thorolfsdottir.

But there’s just one problem: ever since her parents died wielding powerful runes, Saga has been deathly afraid of magic. She would much rather stay within the safety of her village and play with her pet bear, Bjørn, than pursue any kind of magical destiny.

So when Saga accidentally disturbs a clan of trolls in the mountains, leading to her whole village being taken prisoner, she has to face her fears head on. No amount of rune magic will defeat these monsters, and Saga has only one option – to compete in the Fifth Winter contest, an incredible tournament where only the bravest may enter and only one champion can win. The prize? A horn of magic, powerful enough to rattle the gods themselves . . .

This is the perfect read for fans of Sophie Anderson’s The Girl Who Speaks Bear, Abi Elphinstone and Fireborn!

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