The Golden Gals’ French Adventure : A BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud feel-good read from USA Today Bestseller Judy Leigh for 2024


Author: Leigh, Judy Published 04/06/2024 | Paperback / softback
199 x 128 x 24 | 252g

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Sixty-nine-year-old Fliss has lived a life!A career running her own successful business, a beautiful home, a wardrobe full of designer clothes – Fliss has everything she ever wanted. So why does she feel so lonely?Sixty-six-year-old Shirl didn’t expect to be looking after a baby again, let alone a grown woman who should know better. But with her daughter Gemma struggling to adapt to motherhood, and her boss Fliss increasingly reliant on Shirl to run her life, Shirl never gets a moment to herself.

Fliss might not be great at life’s chores, but she is great at seizing opportunities, so when the chance for a jaunt to France’s beautiful Brittany comes her way, she decides it’s just what she and Shirl need. And as the sun-soaked town of Plouvannec-Sur-Mer begins to work its magic on the women, they realise there’s another way to live.

From cake-laden patisseries, to joyous local fetes, from food, views and beaches to die for, to a community quick to embrace them, not to mention some rather fine French men for company, perhaps it’s not too late for Fliss and Shirl to embrace a new adventure and look forwards to a totally different future.

Let Judy Leigh whisk you off to the beaches and beauty of Brittany. Warmhearted, funny and uplifting. This is the perfect feel-good story for all fans of Maddie Please, Dawn French and Caroline James.

‘I loved this book. It’s funny, emotional and a book that fills you with determination not to let life pass you by as you get older.’ Jennifer BohnetReaders love Judy Leigh:‘Why did it have to end lol. I tried to slow down the pace but this author draws you in straight from the beginning and you feel straight away that you know the characters where they live everything! Such talent is envied!’‘This is another one of Judy’s terrific reads that is more than thoroughly enjoyable. It’s more than a story- it’s perhaps a message to all of us about “Carpe Diem” and taking hold of life with both hands whilst we can. The characters are wonderful and leap from the page like old friends.’‘Over the last couple of years, Judy Leigh (also writing as Elena Collins) has become one of my favourite authors. I love how she has older characters living their best lives and I try to read all her books… Judy’s characters are so well drawn that you warm to them straight away and are interested in their stories. Her style of writing is beautifully readable and her descriptions of people are particularly good.’‘This was a book I had trouble putting down! Thoroughly enjoyed the twist and turns. Can recommend for a good read.’‘I’ve loved every one of the author’s contemporary second chance romances, but I really think I might have found my new favourite. The characters were simply wonderful and soon found their places in my heart, their wealth of life experience and paths to future happiness so very easy to identify with, and the whole story had a warmth and lightness of touch that I found totally adorable.’Praise for Judy Leigh:‘Brilliantly funny, emotional and uplifting’ Miranda Dickinson’Lovely . . . a book that assures that life is far from over at seventy’ Cathy Hopkins bestselling author of The Kicking the Bucket List’Brimming with warmth, humour and a love of life… a wonderful escapade’ Fiona Gibson

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