The Golden Rule : Lessons in living from a doctor of ageing


Author: Pollock, Lucy Published 04/07/2024 | Hardback
223 x 145 x 30 | 454g

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Read the latest book from Dr Lucy Pollock, a wise, compassionate and helpful guide to ageing with confidence—-In a society obsessed with staying young, how can we age with confidence? Today, we are living longer lives, and have choices now as never before about how we will age. What will make us happy? What are we frightened of, and what might allay those fears? What changes, made right now, will help us to flourish as we age? This book contains lessons Lucy Pollock learned from thirty years of working with older people and those close to them. It looks at problems that can be fixed with tests and tablets, and problems that require a different sort of medicine. Lucy explains what she have been taught about loss, about impossible families, about becoming older without children, and the important things I have learned about sexuality, race, love and living with uncertainty.

The Golden Rule sets out guiding principles we can all try to live by, in the hope that together we can bring about positive change, and all benefit from a kinder, more compassionate society.

Here is how we may meet our futures with optimism and confidence.

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