The Hidden Girl (Signed Preorder released after Event 12/12/24)


Author: Riley, Lucinda, Whittaker, Harry Published 12/12/2024 | Hardback
576 pages | 822g

ISBN: 9781035047970-1 Category: Subject:

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Sweeping and evocative, The Hidden Girl is a lost treasure from the global number one bestselling author Lucinda Riley. You can’t alter destiny . .

. Born and raised in a small village on the Yorkshire moors, Leah Thompson grows more beautiful with each passing day. When she catches the attention of the influential, troubled Delancey family, she knows her life will never be the same again.

Years later, Leah takes the modelling world by storm, travelling from Milan to London and New York and living life in the lap of luxury. But her past follows her like a dark shadow, mysteriously intertwined with the tragic tale of two young siblings in Poland during the Second World War. As two generations of secrets threaten to explode, Leah is haunted by a fatal, forgotten prophecy from her past, and must fight to challenge the destiny that has been mapped out for her in the stars .

. . Long before she became the bestselling author of The Seven Sisters series, Lucinda Riley wrote Hidden Beauty as Lucinda Edmonds.

This standalone novel has been reworked and given new life as The Hidden Girl by Harry Whittaker, Lucinda’s son and co-author of Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt.

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