The Mysterious Mrs Hood : A True Victorian Mystery of Scandal, Arson, Murder & Betrayal


Author: Donovan, Kim Published 22/02/2024 | Paperback / softback
197 x 130 x 21 | 256g

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‘A gripping story of a cold-blooded murder… This is true crime at its best’ Wendy Moore’A true crime thriller that pulls you in, with drama so addictive it should be illegal’ Sam ChristerA true Victorian murder mystery…

Great Yarmouth, September 1900: A young woman is found dead on the beach, a bootlace tied tightly around her neck. Despite her death attracting national attention in the press, nobody claims her. Detective Inspector Robert Lingwood of the Great Yarmouth police force declares he will not rest until the mystery of the young woman’s death is solved. But it’s only once the case has been referred to Scotland Yard that the layers of mystery start to peel away…

‘Mrs Hood’ was in fact Mary Jane Bennett, and this is her story.

Following clues and tracking red herrings leads the police to close in on their one and only suspect. With arson, fraud, an affair and a sensation-hungry press, the murder gripped the nation in one of the most eagerly anticipated trials of the early twentieth century. Author Kim Donovan finally tells her great-great-aunt’s story and the truth of evil duplicity in Victorian England.

*A fascinating historical true crime case perfect for fans of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher and The Five*

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