The Pembrokeshire Murders : The dramatic true story of a 20-year hunt for a serial killer and the detectives who brought him to justice


Author: Wilkins, Steve, Hill, Jonathan Published 07/01/2021 | Paperback / softback
128 x 198 x 31 | 318g

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The dramatic, compelling bestselling true story of how a serial killer was finally unmasked after evading justice for more than twenty yearsNow a major TV series starring Luke Evans1980s. In the beautiful, unspoiled landscape of Pembrokeshire, a serial killer is at large: two double murders; an assault; the rape and assault of two teenagers – all potentially the work of one man.

This is the fascinating true story of a brutal murderer and the detectives who worked the cold case for six years in order to bring him to justice. Combining cutting edge forensic techniques with old fashioned detective work, a team of detectives worked to build a case against their prime suspect. But it was a race against time: would he strike again?No one could predict that the killer’s appearance on a gameshow would provide bizarre but crucial evidence.

The operation is now recognised as one of the greatest cold case reviews ever undertaken in the UK.

The killer is now serving a ‘life means life’ sentence.

Perfect for fans of The Serpent

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