The Rescue of Ravenwood : Children’s Book of the Year, Sunday Times


Author: Farrant, Natasha Published 23/02/2023 | Paperback / softback
129 x 200 x 25 | 288g

ISBN: 9780571348787 Category:

‘A sublime eco adventure.’ The TimesFrom the Costa Award winning author of Voyage of the Sparrowhawk comes an epic adventure with a call to arms: we must fight to save the most treasured things on our planet.

On the top of the hill, overlooking the sea, that’s where you’ll find a magical place . . .

To Bea and Raffy, Ravenwood is home. In its own way, the house rescued them, even if it did have a fallen-down tree taking up most of the kitchen. So the idea that it could be sold. Demolished even. Well, that’s unthinkable. Then again, it’s not like the children get a choice. But the truth is, we can all make our own choices, especially if we care enough . . .

A beautiful, soulful, exciting story about holding onto what’s precious, and guarding the extraordinary nature that surrounds us.

‘A triumph.’ The Times’A captivating feat of storytelling.’ The Sunday Times’A moving and compelling adventure.’ BookTrust’One of my very favourite authors.’ Emma Carroll, author of Letters from the Lighthouse’One of the most accomplished children’s writers around triumphs again.’ Waterstones

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