The Revenge Club : the wickedly witty new novel from a million copy bestselling author


Author: Lette, Kathy Published 09/05/2024 | Hardback
237 x 159 x 37 | 608g

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‘Fast moving and frothing with the fun kind of female fury’ JO BRANDWHEN THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU, IT’S TIME TO GET EVEN.

Matilda, Jo, Penny and Cressy are all women at the top of their game; so imagine their surprise when they start to be personally overlooked and professionally pushed aside by less-qualified men. Only they’re not going down without a fight.

Society might think the women have passed their amuse-by dates but the Revenge Club have other plans.

After all, why go to bed angry when you could stay up and plot diabolical retribution? Let the games begin…

PRAISE FOR KATHY LETTE:‘Deliciously rude and darkly funny’ Nicole Kidman‘Unputdownable’ Stephen Fry‘The thinking lady’s hornbag’ Kath and Kim

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