The Shadow Key


Author: Stokes-Chapman, Susan Published 18/04/2024 | Hardback
163 x 242 x 45 | 696g

ISBN: 9781787302907 Category:

There’s something devilish going on in the quiet Welsh village of Penhelyg. Will the shadow key unlock its dark secrets?After a grave mistake, Henry Talbot has been forced to take an unappealing position as a village doctor in remote Wales where he can’t speak the language and belief in myth and magic is rife. When Henry discovers his predecessor died in mysterious circumstances, and starts to notice an arcane symbol appearing in odd places, he sets out to find answers.

When Henry meets the lady of the manor, Linette Tresilian, he finds her vexingly unhelpful at first. She seems to know little about the shelves of occult books he notices in her family’s library. But Linette has suspicions of her own about what’s happened in the village and, together, their investigations will bind their destinies in ways neither thought possible.

*Reveal the secret golden symbol that haunts Henry and Linette when you take off the book jacket. Only available on the first printing.*PRAISE FOR THE SHADOW KEY’An alluring, immersive Gothic mystery from an impressively talented writer…. A simmering, splendid novel’ Jennifer Saint’A haunting, transporting mystery…kept me completely enthralled’ Elodie Harper‘I was gripped… the story was so dark and clever’ Stacey Thomas‘Wonderful. . . an intricate plot, beautiful writing, and a clever exploration of evil. If you like my books, then you’ll love [this]’ Laura Shepherd-Robinson’A gripping, beautifully executed historical thriller, full of arcane magic and Welsh mythology’ Rosie Andrews’A tale of chilling suspense, occult secrets and cunning folklore that delicately captures that entanglement of the Welsh landscape and the myths that inhabit it’ Cari Williams

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