The Summer That Changed Us : The uplifting and escapist read from the Sunday Times bestselling storyteller


Author: Bramley, Cathy Published 03/03/2022 | Paperback / softback
197 x 128 x 27 | 290g

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The joyful and escapist Sunday Times bestseller about three women searching for friendship in a beautiful seaside town ‘An emotional tale of friendship. This is Cathy at her very best’ Sarah Morgan ‘A wonderful story about how friendship gets you through hard times’ Katie Fforde The sparkling seaside village of Merle Bay, with its beautiful beach scattered with sea glass, is a place where anyone can have a fresh start.

For Katie, it is the perfect hideout after a childhood trauma left her feeling exposed. For Robyn, the fresh sea air is helping to heal her scars, but maybe not her marriage. For Grace, a new start could help her move on from a heartbreaking loss. When they meet on Sea Glass Beach one day, they form an instant bond and soon they’re sharing prosecco, laughter – and even their biggest secrets…

Together, the women feel stronger than ever before. So can their friendship help them face old fears and find happy endings – as well as new beginnings? ‘A real treat. No-one does friendship better than Cathy’ Karen Swan

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